Celebrate with us

If you'd like to celebrate or organize any event at Doskiwis contact us! We can host many types of events, from album releases to weddings or anniversaries, you choose. We can also organize private visits to the brewery and tastings for you and your guests.

Are you celebrating somewhere else? We offer tap rentals + kegs and cans so you can take your favourite Doskiwis beers with you to your party.

Send us an email to doskiwis@doskiwisbrewing.com to reserve your keg or with your enquiry about our tap rental service.




Do you need a wardrobe change? Many times you don't have to buy new clothes!

Come on Sunday 26th of May to meet people from your community and find all you need. From 11:30 to 16:00.

See you at DOSKIWIS, Carretera de Parlavà, 22, 17131 Rupià (Girona)

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