Taste our beers

If you want to try all the beers we offer, come and do a tasting with us!

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How does it work?

You will taste 100ml of each of the beers we make and have on tap that day. Usually 9 varieties. The price per person is €19 and includes pica-pica (artisanal chips and mixed olives).

How long does it last?

The duration of the tasting is approximately two hours, although you are the one who sets the pace.

What if I also want lunch/dinner?

The tasting is 100% compatible with any of the dishes from our kitchen, El Container , so you can do the tasting while you are having a meal, or order food once the tasting is finished. You can improvise on the spot ;-)

Do I need a reservation? When can I book?

Yes! It is important to book! This way we can have everything ready to offer you the best experience.

Tasting times may vary depending on the season. On the days we open to the public in the mornings, reservations can be made at 12 noon. On the days we are open in the afternoons, you can book for 5pm/6pm.

Contact us at info@doskiwisbrewing.com to make a reservation.

I want to gift a tasting to someone!

This link allows you to purchase a gift certificate for a tasting or for a custom amount to use in the taproom.

The recipient must contact us to specify the day and time of the tasting.

Do you have more questions? Contact us at info@doskiwisbrewing.com .